I shall fill you once again with my love, just you wait!

I’m returning! ūüėÄ

The Port

January 16, 2010

I’m a bad kitty. ¬†Been arrested more times than I can count, and I haven’t even bothered to clean out all the handcuffs in my inventory. ¬†They’re kind of there for memories sake… ¬†Anyways, where was I? ¬†Oh yes. ¬†I’m bad, very bad. ¬†However there are times when even the baddest neko has a desire to dress up cute. ¬†Also there are times when you just want to do some ‘nip, perhaps a little too much…

You start finding yourself in the weirdest places.

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Stray in the City

January 4, 2010

Freedom.  One small word with a whole lot of meaning.  I stare into the distance, where one single statue represents that one word to many.  However, in this large city, am I really so free?

I’m small. ¬†There are thousands, even millions, of people living in this city, and the size of the buildings remind me that I’m nothing more than a speck. ¬† What’s wrong with being a speck? ¬†The littlest person can make the biggest difference in the world. ¬†Even though I’m somewhat of an important person, there are many people more important than me who will try to ruin my way of life.

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