Stray in the City

January 4, 2010

Freedom.  One small word with a whole lot of meaning.  I stare into the distance, where one single statue represents that one word to many.  However, in this large city, am I really so free?

I’m small.  There are thousands, even millions, of people living in this city, and the size of the buildings remind me that I’m nothing more than a speck.   What’s wrong with being a speck?  The littlest person can make the biggest difference in the world.  Even though I’m somewhat of an important person, there are many people more important than me who will try to ruin my way of life.

I like to think that yes, I can make a difference, and I’m free to do so.  For the most part I set my own rules.  I play by my own game.  The law means nothing to me.

Just be sure to watch your back and don’t you dare stand in my way.

The Look

The Place


One Response to “Stray in the City”

  1. Virtual Neko Says:

    Yay Kira… I’m happy to see you blogging again!!! ^_^ (and you look mahhhvellousss….) hehe…

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